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Wrapper for 'diff' producing the same output but with pretty syntax highlighting

Developed by Dave Ewart

Maintained by Feram GmbH Claim Stewardship

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The Perl script colordiff is a wrapper for ‘diff’ and produces the same output but with pretty ‘syntax’ highlighting. Color schemes can be customized.


Tags diff color
Version 1.0.18
Price Free
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License GPL-2.0


For more details, check out the external changelog.

  1. Colordiff 1.0.18

    Released on 2017-06-02

    • Fix regression which broke piping to less.
  2. Colordiff 1.0.17

    Released on 2017-05-30

    • Ensure --color=no is honoured where appropriate
    • add --color-term-output-only plus minor fixes
  3. Colordiff 1.0.1

    Released on 2003-01-01

    • Addition of support for 'context' diffs
    • fixed 'colour over-run' problem when shell prompt has no colours defined
  4. Colordiff 1.0.0

    Released on 2002-01-01

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