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Lightweight, portable, and dependable accounting tools

Developed by Simon Michael

Maintained by Feram GmbH Claim Stewardship

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Hledger is an accounting program, for tracking money, time, or other commodities. It is cross platform and released under GNU GPLv3.

With simple yet powerful functionality accessed from command line, terminal or web browser, hledger is a fast, secure, dependable alternative to spreadsheets, Quickbooks, GnuCash, Xero etc.


Tags finance accounting
Version 1.10
Price Free
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License GPL3


For more details, check out the external changelog.

  1. Hledger 1.10

    Released on 2018-06-30

    • journal: many parse error messages have become more informative, and some now show the source line and error location.
    • journal: ;tag: is no longer parsed as a tag named “;tag” (#655)
    • journal: transaction price amounts having their own price amounts is now a parse error
    • journal: amounts with space as digit group separator and trailing whitespace now parse correctly (#780)
    • journal: in amounts containing digits and a single space, the space is now interpreted as a digit group separator, not a decimal separator (#749)
    • journal: in commodity/format/D directives, the amount must now include a decimal separator. When more precise control is needed over number parsing, our recommended solution is commodity directives. Commodity directives that don’t specify the decimal separator leave things ambiguous, increasing the chance of misparsing numbers. In some cases it could cause amounts with a decimal point to be parsed as if with a digit group separator, so 1.234 became 1234. It seems the simple and really only way to do this reliably is to require an explicit decimal point character. Most folks probably do this already. Unfortunately, it makes another potential incompatiblity with ledger and beancount journals. But the error message will be clear and easy to work around.
    • journal: directives currently have diverse and somewhat tricky semantics, especially with multiple files. The manual now describes their behaviour precisely.
    • journal: alias and apply account directives now affect account directives (#825)
    • journal: periodic transactions can now have all the usual transaction fields (status mark, code, description, comment), for generating more expressive forecast transactions.
    • journal: forecast transactions now have the generating period expression attached as a tag named “recur”.
    • journal: periodic transactions now start on the first instance of the recurring date, rather than the day after the last regular transaction (#750)
    • journal: periodic transaction rules now allow period expressions relative to today’s date
    • csv: amount-in/amount-out errors are more detailed
    • balance: –drop is now ignored when not in flat mode, rather than producing a corrupted report (#754)
    • budget: –drop now preserves the top-level account in –budget reports
    • register: in CSV output, the code field is now included (#746)
    • smart dates now allow the YYYYMM format, and are better documented
    • uses hledger-lib 1.10
  2. Hledger 1.9

    Released on 2018-03-31

  3. Hledger 1.5

    Released on 2017-12-31

  4. Hledger 0.1

    Released on 2008-10-15

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