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HTTP client with an intuitive UI, JSON support, syntax highlighting, and more

Developed by Jakub Roztočil

Maintained by Feram GmbH Claim Stewardship

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HTTPie consists of a single http command designed for painless debugging and interaction with HTTP servers, RESTful APIs, and web services:

  • Sensible defaults
  • Expressive and intuitive command syntax
  • Colorized and formatted terminal output
  • Built-in JSON support
  • Persistent sessions
  • Forms and file uploads
  • HTTPS, proxies, and authentication support
  • Support for arbitrary request data and headers
  • Wget-like downloads
  • Extensions
  • Linux, macOS, and Windows support


Tags http rest client json
Version 0.9.9
Price Free
App Website
Issue Tracker
Developer Website
License BSD-3-Clause


For more details, check out the external changelog.

  1. HTTPie 0.9.9

    Released on 2016-12-08

    • Fixed README
  2. HTTPie 0.9.8

    Released on 2016-12-08

    • Extended auth plugin API
    • Added exit status code 7 for plugin errors
    • Added support for curses-less Python installations
    • Fixed REQUEST_ITEM arg incorrectly being reported as required
    • Improved CTRL-C interrupt handling
    • Added the standard exit status code 130 for keyboard interrupts
  3. HTTPie 0.9.6

    Released on 2016-08-13

    • Added Python 3 as a dependency for Homebrew installations to ensure some of the newer HTTP features work out of the box for macOS users (starting with HTTPie 0.9.4.).
    • Added the ability to unset a request header with Header:, and send an empty value with Header;.
    • Added --default-scheme <URL_SCHEME> to enable things like $ alias https='http --default-scheme=https.
    • Added -I as a shortcut for --ignore-stdin.
    • Added fish shell completion (located in extras/ in the Github repo).
    • Updated requests to 2.10.0 so that SOCKS support can be added via pip in stall requests[socks].
    • Changed the default JSON Accept header from application/json to application/json, */*.
    • Changed the pre-processing of request HTTP headers so that any leading and trailing whitespace is removed.

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