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Vim-fork focused on extensibility and usability

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Neovim is a project that seeks to aggressively refactor Vim in order to:

  • Simplify maintenance and encourage contributions
  • Split the work between multiple developers
  • Enable advanced UIs without modifications to the core
  • Maximize extensibility


  • Modern GUIs
  • API access from any language including clojure, lisp, go, haskell, lua, javascript, perl, python, ruby, rust.
  • Embedded, scriptable terminal emulator
  • Asynchronous job control
  • Shared data (shada) among multiple editor instances
  • XDG base directories support
  • Compatible with most Vim plugins, including Ruby and Python plugins.


Tags editor vim
Version 0.3.1
Price Free
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License Misc


For more details, check out the external changelog.

  1. Neovim 0.3.1

    Released on 2018-07-19


    • man.vim: C highlighting for EXAMPLES section
    • TUI: urxvt: also send xterm focus-reporting seqs
    • API: emit nvim_buf_lines_event from :terminal
    • fillchars: Add “eob” flag


    • startup: avoid blank stdin buffer if other files were opened
    • Only waitpid() for processes that we care about
    • Check all child processes for exit in SIGCHLD handler
    • channel.c: Prevent channel_destroy_early() from freeing uninitialized rpc stuff
    • transstr_buf: fix length comparison
    • TUI: Fix standout mode
    • man.vim: fix for mandoc
    • provider/node: npm –loglevel silent
    • API: nvim_win_set_cursor: set curswant
    • checkhealth: Python: fix VIRTUAL_ENV check
    • checkhealth: node.js: also search yarn


    • defaults: shortmess+=F
    • highlight: high-priority CursorLine if fg is set.
    • terminal: handle &confirm and :confirm on unloading
    • screen: truncate showmode messages
    • buffer: fix copying :setlocal options
    • Ex mode: always “improved” (gQ)
    • options: remove ’maxcombine` option (always 6)


    • screen: use UTF-8 representation
  2. Neovim 0.3.0

    Released on 2018-06-11


    • built-in VimL expression parser
    • implement key to invoke command in any mode
    • ‘startup: treat stdin as text instead of commands’
    • :digraphs : highlight with hl-SpecialKey
    • ‘startup: Let -s - read from stdin’
    • events: VimSuspend, VimResume
    • ‘stdpath()’
    • server: introduce –listen
    • insert-mode: interpret unmapped META as ESC
    • msg: do not scroll entire screen
    • let negative ‘writedelay’ show all redraws
    • win: has(“wsl”) on Windows Subsystem for Linux
    • cmdline: CmdlineEnter and CmdlineLeave autocommands
    • channels: support buffered output and bytes sockets/stdio


    • buffer updates
    • list information about all channels/jobs.
    • nvim_get_commands
    • Make nvim_set_option() update :verbose set …
    • more reliable/descriptive VimL errors
    • nvim_call_dict_function
    • nvim_list_uis
    • forward option updates to UIs
    • improve nvim_command_output


    • Support MSVC
    • Fix reading content from stdin


    • add support for mouse release events in urxvt
    • implement “standout” attribute
    • support TERM=konsole-256color
    • report TUI info with -V3 (‘verbose’ >= 3)
    • enable focus-reporting
    • ‘term’ option: reflect effective terminal behavior


    • ‘job-control: avoid kill-timer race’
    • ‘jobs: separate process-group’
    • terminal: flush vterm output buffer on pty output
    • :checkhealth fixes
    • ‘Fix errors reported by PVS’
    • inccommand: pause :terminal redraws
    • inccommand: do not execute trailing commands
    • terminal: resize to the max dimensions
    • Make vim_fgets() return the same values as in Vim
    • screen: winhl=Normal:Background should not override syntax
    • ‘shada: Also save numbered marks’
    • cscope: ignore EINTR while reading the prompt
    • ‘:terminal Enter/Leave should not increment jumplist’
    • TUI: libtermkey: force CSI driver for mouse input
    • TUI: faster startup
    • TUI: fix resize-related segfaults
    • TUI: always hide cursor when flushing, never flush buffers during unibilium output
    • TUI: disable BCE almost always
    • mark: Make sure that jumplist item will not have zero lnum
    • macOS: Set $LANG based on the system locale
    • ‘Retry fgets on EINTR’


    • default to ‘nofsync’
    • defaults: ‘fillchars’
    • defaults: sidescroll=1
    • defaults: enable cscopeverbose
    • defaults: do :filetype stuff unless explicitly “off”
    • ‘Apply :lmap in macros’
    • terminal: Leave ‘relativenumber’ alone
    • refactor: Remove maxmem, maxmemtot options
    • win: defaults: ‘shellcmdflag’, ‘shellxquote’
    • jobwait(): return -2 on interrupt also with timeout
    • clipboard: macOS: fallback to tmux if pbcopy is broken
    • Make ‘langnoremap’ apply directly after a map
    • ‘lua/executor: Remove lightuserdata’


    • Internal statistics for list impl
    • Rewrite internal list impl

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