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A universal document converter

Developed by John MacFarlane

Maintained by Feram GmbH Claim Stewardship

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Pandoc is a Haskell library for converting from one markup format to another, and a command-line tool that uses this library. It can convert from

It can convert to


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Version 2.3.1
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For more details, check out the external changelog.

  1. Pandoc 2.3.1

    Released on 2018-09-28

    • RST reader
      • Parse RST inlines containing newlines (#4912, Francesco Occhipinti). This eliminates a regression introduced after pandoc 2.1.1, which caused inline constructions containing newlines not to be recognized.
      • Fix bug with internal link targets (#4919). They were gobbling up indented content underneath.
    • Markdown reader
      • Distinguish autolinks in the AST. With this change, autolinks are parsed as Links with the uri class. (The same is true for bare links, if the autolink_bare_uris extension is enabled.) Email autolinks are parsed as Links with the email class. This allows the distinction to be represented in the AST.
    • Org reader
      • Force inline code blocks to honor export options (Brian Leung).
      • Parse empty argument array in inline src blocks (Brian Leung).
    • Muse reader (Alexander Krotov):
      • Added additional tests.
      • Do not allow code markup to be followed by digit.
      • Remove heading level limit.
      • Simplify <literal> tag parsers
      • Parse Text instead of String. Benchmark shows 7% improvement.
      • Get rid of HTML parser dependency.
      • Various code improvements.
    • ConTeXt writer
      • Change  to / in Windows image paths (#4918). We do this in the LaTeX writer, and it avoids problems. Note that / works as a LaTeX path separator on Windows.
    • LaTeX writer
      • Add support for multiprenote and multipostnote arguments with –biblatex (Brian Leung, #4930). The multiprenotes occur before the first prefix of a multicite, and the multipostnotes follow the last suffix.
      • Fix a use of last that might take empty list. If you ran with –biblatex and have an empty document (metadata but no blocks), pandoc would previously raise an error because of the use of last on an empty list.
    • RTF writer
      • Fix build failure with ghc-8.6.1 caused by missing MonadFail instance (Jonas Scholl).
    • ODT Writer
      • Improve table header row style handling (Nils Carlson). This changes the way styles for cells in the header row and normal rows are handled in ODT tables. Previously a new (but identical) style was generated for every table, specifying the style of the cells within the table. After this change there are two style definitions for table cells, one for the cells in the header row, one for all other cells. This doesn’t change the actual styles, but makes post-processing changes to the table styles much simpler as it is no longer necessary to introduce new styles for header rows and there are now only two styles where there was previously one per table.
    • HTML writer
      • Don’t add uri class to presumed autolinks. Formerly the uri class was added to autolinks by the HTML writer, but it had to guess what was an autolink and could not distinguish from It also incorrectly recognized pandoc as an autolink. Now the HTML writer simply passes through the uri attribute if it is present, but does not add anything.
      • Avoid adding extra section nestings for revealjs. Previously revealjs title slides at level (slidelevel - 1) were nested under an extra section element, even when the section contained no additional (vertical) content. That caused problems for some transition effects.
      • Omit unknown attributes in EPUB2 output. For example, epub:type attributes should not be passed through, or the epub produced will not validate.
    • JATS writer
      • Remove ‘role’ attribute on ‘bold’ and ‘sc’ elements (#4937). The JATS spec does not allow these.
    • Textile writer
      • Don’t represent uri class explicitly for autolinks (#4913).
    • Lua filters (Albert Krewinkel):
      • Cleanup filter execution code.
      • Better error on test failure.
    • HTML, Muse reader tests: reduce time taken by round-trip test.
    • Added cabal.project
    • MANUAL: epub:type is only useful for epub3 (Maura Bieg).
    • Use hslua v1.0.0 (Albert Krewinkel).
    • Fix translations/ru to use modern Russian orthography (Ivan Trubach).
    • Build Windows binary using ghc 8.6.1 and cabal new-build. This fixes issues with segfaults in the 32-bit Windows binaries (#4283).
  2. Pandoc 2.3.0

    Released on 2018-09-16

  3. Pandoc

    Released on 2018-08-07

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