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File manager with Vi key bindings

Developed by Roman Zimbelmann

Maintained by Feram GmbH Claim Stewardship

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Ranger is a console file manager with VI key bindings. It provides a minimalistic and nice curses interface with a view on the directory hierarchy. It ships with rifle, a file launcher that is good at automatically finding out which program to use for what file type.


Tags file manager
Version 1.9.2
Price Free
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License GPLv3


For more details, check out the external changelog.

  1. Ranger 1.9.2

    Released on 2018-09-09

    • Added a hint_collapse_threshold setting
    • Added a traverse_backwards command analogous to traverse
    • Added a command to shift tabs
    • Added a normal mode mapping to quickly enter the console and scroll through the history C-p
    • Added a section to for image previews of archives
    • Added an avfs plugin
    • Added an option to the move command to enable launching the selected file instead of the marked files
    • Added filtering functionality inspired by dired’s filter stack, .n, .| ...
    • Added image preview method for Kitty
    • Added option to disable the display of free space for high latency situations
    • Added section to for pdf previews with mutool
    • Added several emacs/readline-inspired keybindings, C-g for ESC, alt-f/b
    • Added systemwide rc.conf and in /etc/ranger
    • Added the %any_path macro to allow bookmarks to be used with commands that need a path and are unaware of bookmarks
    • Added versioning logic to include extra info in unreleased versions
    • Change tab saving to save all tabs, not just the active tab
    • Changed draw_borders setting to enable drawing only borders or seperators
    • Changed behavior of positional arguments to the ranger command, if you specify a path to a file ranger will open with that file selected
    • Changed the tilde_in_titlebar setting to influence the window titlebar too
    • Changed the default colorscheme to work properly in terminals that don’t equate bold and bright
    • Fixed StopIteration errors
    • Fixed embedded null errors
    • Fixed issues reported by coverity scan
    • Fixed running ranger as root on Mac OS
    • Fixed unicode issue for python2
    • Fixed w3m preview issues with black stripes
    • Improved PEP8 adherence
    • Improved VCS symbols
    • Improved --cmd functionality
    • Improved file encoding detection by using chardet if it’s available
    • Rifle’s flag t should now work with more terminals than xterm and urxvt
    • Update colorscheme documentation
  2. Ranger 1.9.1

    Released on 2018-02-22

    • Fixed the rifle config backwards compatibility (regression in 1.9.0)
    • Fixed the POSIX compatibility of Makefile
    • Fixed --choosefile, --choosefiles and --choosedir so they work with the process substitution (>(...) in Bash)
    • Changed the default gt binding to gp due to a conflict
    • Changed the help message for --choosefile, --choosefiles, and --choosedir to avoid confusion
    • Changed the behavior of :reset to reload the tags too
    • Added geeqie to the default rifle.conf

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