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Intuitive plain text accounting tool

By Feram GmbH

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We found existing plain text accounting tools unsatisfactory, so we developed Transity. It models financial flows in terms of transactions and not debited / credited accounts.

Furthermore, its journal format is based on YAML and can therefore easily be processed by 3rd party tools. Also, it’s written in PureScript.


Tags finance accounting
Version 0.3.0
Price 2.99 €
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License ISC


For more details, check out the external changelog.

  1. Transity 0.3.0

    Released on 2018-09-10

    • Add command "transfers"
    • Upgrade to PureScript 0.12, use psc-package instead of bower
    • Move the ledger to transity script into its own file
    • Quote utc fields
    • Don't use make in npm scripts
    • Fix PR comments
    • Added export command
    • Added support for hledger export
    • Fix typos and clarify sentences
    • Add sub commands for printing as csv & tsv
    • Add description on how to build it
  2. Transity 0.2.1

    Released on 2018-06-05

    • Fix test command for CI, fix typos
    • Fix references, add screenshot of plot
  3. Transity 0.2.0

    Released on 2018-06-05

    • Fix license file
    • Call data file journal and not ledger
    • Remove obsolete JavaScript code
    • Merge guide into readme
    • Fix build status link
    • Don't coerce invalid dates to 1970-01-01
    • Add gplot subcommands to allow piping to gnuplot
    • Add guide to plot account balance, improve sample ledger for plotting
    • Add CLI command to list all entries
    • Replace colorization boolean with a proper ColorFlag datatype
    • Exit with status code 1 if parsing or validation fails
    • Add missing dependency "purescript-sets"
    • Verify accounts after parsing ledger file
    • Add makefile
    • Remove obsolete imports
    • Improve structure of Main.purs file
    • Create LICENSE
    • Replace CSS with SVG attributes
    • Try to fix screenshot SVG
    • Replace PNG screenshot with an SVG version
    • Add color support for terminal printing
    • Add missing `pulp build` to postinstall
    • Update and extend readme and docstring
    • Add development documentation
    • Implement alignment of entries, split Account and CommodityMap modules
    • Simplify `case of` expression in main file
  4. Transity 0.1.0-alpha

    Released on 2018-01-18

    • Add field "repository" to package file
    • Add dedicated CLI file, remove yarn.lock file
    • Fix line breaks in while loop in travis script
    • Fix bug in while loop in travis script
    • Add missing dependency "js-yaml", fix link in readme
    • Add Travis build status button, list more commodity features
    • Add travis config file and package lock file
    • Indent entries in balance only as deep as necessary
    • Replace data type Either with Result
    • Disallow accounts with empty ids, improve error messages
    • Add showPretty function for accounts, reduce precision to 2 digits
    • Document installation in readme, update example ledger file
    • Extend features / roadmap list
    • Sort entities & accounts ascending in balance output, reduce precision
    • Display vertical separator lines only if datetime is defined
    • Print id only if id is not empty
    • Display horizontal line under ledger meta infos
    • Display better error messages for invalid YAML
    • Subdivide transactions into transfers, rename functions, add optional fields
    • Start writing a guide
    • Start implementing transfers
    • Extend list of features, improve import script
    • Merge TODO and Features lists, add "Related" section
    • Extend explanation, move backend description to own file
    • Use Rationals instead of Numbers for amount quantity
    • Add and integrate data type "Account"
    • Make Commodity a newtype
    • Add support to print balance from command line
    • Add support for showing the balance
    • Add tests for pretty showing of data types
    • Use PureScript Spec for testing
    • Modularize code
    • Add support for pretty printing of transactions
    • Add FAQ section to readme
    • Add first draft of rewrite in PureScript
    • Remove draft of rewrite in haskell
    • Read & print transactions from yaml file
    • Add files for rewrite in haskell
    • Add import section to
    • Pretty print error for negative quantity
    • Really filter out all empty accounts & invalid transfers
    • Improve layout, colorize output, support arbitrary precision accounts
    • Transfers get printed, not transactions
    • Add cli, add subcommands "balance" & "transactions"
    • Add missing fields in package.json
    • Add more dependencies, use yarn instead of npm
    • Fix processing of single transfer transactions
    • Normalize single transfers, pretty print balance
    • First implementation
    • Initial commit

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