Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need

There does not yet exist a good website to discover CLI apps, to find similar / related ones, to compare them and to easily install them.

Also there is no easy way for developers to sustainable fund the development and maintenance of CLI apps.

Why is it better than a package manager?

Most package managers cater only to one language (e.g. npm for JavaScript, pip for Python) or to one ecosystem (e.g. Homebrew for MacOS, Chocolatey for Windows). Furthermore they often lack a GUI to simplify the browsing of the provided apps. aims to be a cross language and cross platform app store to simplify the discovery, installation and management of CLI apps.

Aren't CLI apps always open source and for free?

While many CLI apps are open source / free, we assume that a large share of them are accidentally so because:

  • There is no other way to publish them and to make them available.
  • It's cumbersome to build a dedicated website and webshop to sell an app
  • Developers open source the apps as a means of self marketing although the payoff does not properly reflect the effort.
  • Large companies can cross fund the development or write off the expenses as marketing, which drives out independent developers.

And an even larger number of CLI apps probably just hasn't been published yet. Among the reasons for this is that Developers …

  • … build the apps only for themselves and never publish them due to a lack of incentives.
  • … only partly finish the apps due to insufficient funding
  • … can not afford to maintain them after a release.
  • … add unnecessary GUIs / wrappers to the CLI apps and sell them in desktop / alternative app stores instead.
  • … sell the CLI apps as a SaaS product although they are more suited for direct licensing.
Have you contacted the developers of all apps?
I contacted a few. Some were exited for possible additional revenue streams, some wanted me to donate any profit I would make with their apps to other causes like amnesty international, but most seemed indifferent. For free software there is no permission required to distribute it for a fee. Make sure to read for more information.
Is it legal to offer free / open source apps?
Yes, it is legal and even encouraged by the Free Software Foundation. Make sure to read for more information.
How does it work?
After the payment process you get redirected to the installation page. At the moment it lists all the possible installation methods. In the future will provide an extra package manger with an additional focus on performance and security and ease of use.
What are the payment conditions?

For donations:

  • 19 % German VAT
  • Of the remaining 81 %
    • 60 % go to the developer of the app
    • 20 % go to the maintainer of the app in order to keep the app's page up to date
    • 20 % go to us (Feram GmbH) in order to power

For purchases:

  • 19 % German VAT
  • Of the remaining 81 %
    • 80 % go to the developer of the app
    • 20 % go to us (Feram GmbH) in order to power

Furthermore, each app can define their own license terms regarding the purchase.

The amounts are not transferred immediately, but aggregated until a threshold of 10 € is exceeded to reduce transaction costs.

How can I submit an app?
By submitting a Pull Request to the cli-apps repository. Check out cli-apps/submit-a-new-app for a detailed explanation.
How can I claim stewardship of an app?
By submitting a Pull Request to the cli-apps repository. Check out cli-apps/claim-stewardship for a detailed explanation.